The Zubrowka Forest

The Challenge.

A special type of vodka calls for a special type of event. So a forest recreated in a tipi at an outdoor summer festival seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Zubrowka’s Bison Grass vodka is famous for the blade of bison grass that’s handpicked from the Białowieża Forest in Poland and placed in every bottle to give the vodka its unique and distinctive herbal taste.

Zubrowka asked us to create an experience where visitors could try Bison Grass vodka, as well as raise awareness for their brand new cocktail: the Apple Zu, a combination of vodka, cloudy apple juice and wedges of lime.

Our solution.

We connected with some of the UK’s most popular and coolest festivals, such as Standon Calling in Hertfordshire and Lost Village in Lincolnshire, to create a live experience campaign which included a ‘Zubrowka Forrest’ style tipi where drinks were served, as well as a sensory experience which deconstructed the Apple Zu in front of visitors and garnered a whole lot of interest.

Over three days, more than 13,000 drinks were served as part of the live experience campaign, raising the profile of the Zubrowka brand and putting Bison Grass vodka and the Apple Zu cocktail firmly in people’s minds.