Global Brand Fest for William Grant & sons

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The Challenge.

William Grant & Sons, had a plan to consolidate their global brand workshops into one large engaging conference platform. This platform would be attended by key stakeholders including brand managers, distributors and the executive team in order to share ideas, learnings and innovations across their portfolio of products. This global meetings of minds was a first for the brand, and there was a lot riding on its success.

At a former coal factory in Amsterdam we designed and developed 4 spaces that would enable brands to showcase their products and deliver more than 70 presentations across various formats.

Our solution.

In order to manage all of the registrations, build-up and pre-event communications, we created a dedicated registration site which fed directly into the popular bespoke event app. The app included everything needed to inform and engage attendees. This enabled delegates to view the sessions and create their own agenda, as well as providing other functionalities for the event such as live polling and direct attendee messaging.

In addition to the core event we activated 13 different brand events across numerous venues throughout Amsterdam. The event exceeded all client expectations and scored 100% across all areas. We successfully developed and launched William Grant & Sons’ new corporate identity through various assets that showcased the new branding for the first time and effectively implemented all of their new sustainable policies across the event, as well as providing further initiatives to support them.