Tea Trolley
for Monkey Shoulder

An award winning versatile, experience that delivered over 160,000 Monkey Shoulder cocktails.

Monkey Shoulder’s goal is to take phenomenal scotch and make it accessible to a whole new generation of whisky drinkers.


We were asked to develop some clear and concise messaging that would appeal to scotch drinkers, as well as get non-scotch drinkers to take notice and try something new. We then had to channel this messaging through a range of immersive experiences that would engage and connect with visitors, giving them a clear understanding of who Monkey Shoulder are and what they’re about.

We worked closely with Monkey Shoulder, utilising their Tea Trolley and branded bar across a range of traditional and non-traditional venues throughout the UK. From office blocks to festivals, we activated a range of experiential marketing events both on-trade and off-trade that delighted visitors and opened their eyes to the Monkey Shoulder brand.


Over 160,000 cocktails were enjoyed by visitors throughout the UK, all served with a highly engaging personal touch that reinforced the brand and echoed its values. Monkey Shoulder is now the number one trending whiskey brand in the UK.




  • Gold Winner at the IPM Awards 2018 – Best campaign: Alcoholic Beverages
  • Silver Winner at the IPM Awards 2018 – Creative Execution: Alcoholic Beverages
  • High Commendation from the Marketing Society Excellence Awards – Long-term Marketing Excellence