Demonstrating our commitment to people and the planet

Photo by Liu Sicheng on Unsplash


At ACA Live we’re passionate about the work we do but we also want to minimise our impact on people and the planet.

We consider the environmental impact and carbon footprint of every project, no matter its size. Our sustainability policy – led by our nominated sustainability champion – highlights our commitment to keeping our environmental impacts to an absolute minimum.

A crucial part of this commitment is our membership of Isla, who are helping the events industry to rapidly develop and transition to more sustainable ways of working. And our partnership with Ecologi has enabled us to offset our team’s carbon footprint through the planting of trees and maintain a climate positive workforce. We’re proud to say that as of late 2023, we have over 3,200 trees in the ACA Live forest! Further details of our sustainability policy can be found here.

Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce