ACA Live specialise in the creative delivery of live events. We deliver memorable experiences that people love, talk about and share, whilst always considering and providing sustainable solutions to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

This policy ensures we minimise negative impacts to protect the environment and highlights our company commitments across all aspects of the business of event delivery:

Partners, people & products

  • Partner with leading Eco Suppliers and encourage use eco products where possible.
  • Print is kept to a minimum alongside plastic and single use items.
  • Encourage electronic methods for communication from invitations to registrations.

Recycling & reducing waste

  • Full waste management is adhered to across all our events, with dedicated touch points such as branded recycling bins and lanyard recycling points. We provide recyclable cups and promote the use of actual glassware where possible.
  • Use of existing assets is encouraged where possible.

The local community

  • We always strive to work with local suppliers.
  • Ensure local homeless charities receive leftover catering.
  • We promote and provide Carbon Offsetting solutions such as tree planting targeted in areas impacted by the event travel.

Use energy efficiently

  • We are focused on the responsible use of energy. Mains power are used where possible, but if not available we recommend the use of a biodiesel generator.


Sustainability is a value we live within our company culture. We are proud members of  Ecologi and have a Climate Positive Workforce. This means we offset our employees entire carbon footprint, which includes getting to and from work, all business travel and even offsetting their carbon footprint from outside of work. Every month we have these trees planted on our behalf to support fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions.

See how many trees are in our ACA Live forest, and our company carbon reduction here.   

This policy is reviewed bi-annually. Scarlett Star is the nominated sustainability champion for ACA Live.