Overseeing a summer of brand activations

Moët Hennessy Summer Activations

The Challenge.

Moët Hennessy had planned an extensive summer of high-profile activations, for which all the materials and assets had already been produced.

They needed a delivery partner with the festival and activation experience to add the people component to all this activity.

That meant overseeing the staffing, supervision and management of the activations to ensure that the brand was always presented in a consistent and appropriate manner.

Moët Hennessy wanted brand ambassadors on site for every event to provide that all-important human touchpoint for their brands.

Although we are often involved in the creation and development of festival activations, this opportunity was a reminder that the people are ultimately what makes for the most memorable experiences.

Our solution.

Our first responsibility was to prepare all the necessary briefing documents for on-site staff, as well as sourcing, hiring and training them.

The brand ambassadors were expected to manage staff on the ground, as well as monitoring serves, and preparing reports on the overall effectiveness of each activation. This enabled us to maintain real-time insights into what was and wasn’t working, so the campaign of activity could be adjusted or evolved quickly.

In addition, we evaluated other brand activations in the space, and provided valuable feedback on the overall event for use in planning future programmes.

Finally, we sourced photographers and a videographer who could document the activity, not only to assess its effectiveness, but also to create an archive of valuable media assets for use in other campaigns.