Kids App Launch for YouTube

The Challenge.

Every kid loves the zoo, especially when they get to meet their favourite on-screen characters face-to-face.

We created this event for YouTube who asked us to design an interactive experience to support the official UK launch of the YouTube Kids app. The event had to appeal to online influencers and their followers and help generate a buzz around the app’s launch.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids

Our solution.

Like all successful projects, we started with some research. After identifying the most viewed YouTube kids’ channels, we decided to turn them into a live experience. We created a spectacular invite-only event at London Zoo, where influencers and bloggers brought their kids and family members to meet some of their favourite characters face-to-face, such as Shaun the Sheep and the Octonauts.

Over 200 key influencers attended the YouTube event at London Zoo and the kids (and adults) all had a memorable time.