How technology can help your 2021 events

Technology has already enabled an entirely new breed of event and experiential marketing, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

While this year is looking more positive, there is likely to be a fair bit of disruption ahead. If your brand used to rely on face-to-face events, then you need to be considering all other channels and looking at how technology can help engage your audience this year.

We know the benefits of running online events, as much as we are very clear about the limitations. The technology available isn’t always new, it’s how brands are using it as part of their experiences. It’s how you harness the right approach and ideas to develop what’s possible this year to engage with your audience.

This is how technology will help you when planning and improving your 2021 experiential events.

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Managing risk & the safety of attendees

With the pandemic continuing, it’s impossible to be hosting anything live in person at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for restrictions to lift. Live streaming is a great way to create an experience for your audience.

With the rise of 5G, viewers are using their phones or other devices to interact directly with brands during live-streaming experiences. Consumers today value interaction and don’t just want to be a spectator.

We recently did a 3-hour online show called Monkey Shoulder presents…Lock-in Live which you can check out here. We mixed pre-recorded events with live for interactive elements, and incorporated music, games and interviews which was massive hit.

Making it personal

Where physical activations have dedicated event apps, hybrid and digital events will be able to employ similar technology to engage the audience in the privacy of their own home or workspace. These experiences will also allow us to easily track and measure audience engagement to help brands understand the events and content attracting the most interest and interaction.

Taking event creativity to the next level

Our survey showed 73% of consumers believe new technologies are critical to the success of events they plan to attend this year. You need to be considering how technology will help you bring live events back. This could be through hybrid where you give people the choice of whether to attend or not, or through extended reality. Digital technologies can make an event space and/or presentation unforgettable, allowing you to build multi-sensory experiences, interactive play or spectacular visual design.

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