Since Earth day has not long passed and the earth itself seems to be the only beneficiary of this covid-19 scenario we are all a part of, it feels like an appropriate time to talk about our own sustainability story.

Here at ACA Live we always consider and provide sustainable solutions to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint. Sustainability is a value we live within our company culture; we continue to research and develop how we can be more climate positive as a company and as an industry. We will always pay attention to the smaller impact stuff like producing bamboo recyclable lanyards and overseeing waste management at our events…But we know earth needs everyone to do more, so we have. 

Three months ago, we committed to an ongoing Climate Positive Workforce programme which offsets all our company employees and travel. We now have an ever-growing ACA Live Forest with a current count of 360 beautiful mangrove trees which have so far offset 35.01 tonnes of CO2e! That’s equivalent to 105 meters of sea ice saved, 27 long haul flights or 86,860 miles driven.

Our funding also directly impacts atmospheric CO2 levels, which means we have funded further Peruvian protection of the Amazon and provided clean electricity for 1.2 million homes from treated waste gas.

This is just the beginning; we will keep doing more. Watch this space for more company carbon reduction stories.

Scarlett Star – ACA Live Sustainability Champion