Reframing waste as a luxurious cocktail experience

The World’s Most Rubbish Bar for Discarded Spirits Co.

The Challenge.

When William Grant & Sons launched its sustainable drinks brand Discarded Spirits Co., created entirely from food waste products such as fruit peel and coffee grounds, it was crucial that the way it was introduced to the public reflected that commitment to the environment.

We were tasked with creating a unique experience that would introduce Discarded spirits to consumers while ensuring that the use of waste products was front and centre.

Our solution.

During the summer of 2022, a number of venues in the UK played host to The World’s Most Rubbish Bar.

More than just a bar, this immersive sustainable creation was designed to reframe how guests perceive waste, by transforming it into a luxurious cocktail experience.

The bar and furnishings were built entirely out of recycled materials, from second hand plywood, old whisky barrels, galvanised dustbins and reclaimed scaffolding poles and planks, to repurposed lycra, hessian and other fabrics rescued from landfill.

Drinks were made using ‘waste’ ingredients, such as unwanted coffee grounds and leftover citrus husks to flat sparkling wine – all sourced from the local community’s cafes and restaurants.

Sustainable, zero-waste cocktails on offer included Banana Peel Rum, Sweet Cascara Vermouth made from the husks of coffee cherries, and Grape Skin Vodka made from the waste leftover in wine production.

After an initial unveiling at the Secret Garden Party, The World’s Most Rubbish Bar went on to appear at London Cocktail Week.