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Over the last few months at ACA Live we have been reading lots. We have been educating ourselves on what the ‘new normal’ will look like across the industry landscape post Covid-19, as well as keeping up with the latest trends and developments to stay ahead of the game. We know we will have to take practical measures to create a safe environment for consumers, and to amplify experiences through hybrid events.  Here are some of our top picks, selected from the advice and thought leadership pieces that are out there at the moment. Post Covid-19 lockdown landscape Brand Trust 2020 - Special Report Making Outdoor Event Gatherings Happen AgainHow countries plan to restart nightclubs and music festivals Health & Safety  Restarting the economy: why trade shows matter – and how to make them safeCan biosecurity teams save events? Sustainability & Wellness How gardening is good for us: Sue Stuart-Smith on gardening and our mental healthBin talk: What bins say...

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How do you create a meaningful and unique “virtual” event ?

The current pandemic is a scary time for experiential and events agencies – and the brands that rely on them. Even though a lot of agencies claim to be able to offer amazing virtual experiences in place of public gatherings, the brutal truth is that most cannot, or are feeling their way, at best. At ACA Live, we’ve taken a step back. We’re currently researching and learning best practice for running virtual events and seeking out the best partners – because clients want to be able to maintain the energy and interpersonal connectivity that only events can bring. And with that in mind, we’ve given some thought to what brands need to consider when it comes to running virtual events in the short – and perhaps medium – term: Approach the strategy like a live event You need to create something unique that differentiates your experience from the thousands of others out there, but...

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5 very cool examples of drink experiential events

Having worked with some of the biggest drink brands for years, we know a thing or two about what experiences work, what draws people in, and how to nail them every time. We’ve all seen the standard drinks giveaways, and promotional stands in stores, but drinks brands have become a little more sophisticated when promoting their products. Here we’ve picked 5 examples of experiential drink events we’ve delivered, and for differing reasons have given people an amazing experience to take away.  #1 Size matters Client: Hendrick’s  What is was: Hendrick’s Gin wanted to further develop the ‘Tini Martini’ concept with trade press and industry influencers. We created a Tini Martini Hendrick’s Gin ‘brand world’, where the miniature was magnified running alongside London Cocktail Week. From micro pianists and tini artists to a whole host of infinitesimally small delights. It finished off with a deeply floral Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice experience unlike any other. Why it worked:...

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What won’t change in a post-pandemic world

With talk starting to turn to a post-pandemic world and the ‘new normal’, we think certain things will remain the same, and be more important than ever. The long-term relationships between brands and their agencies being at risk isn’t new. In the post-pandemic period, is it something that will come under more pressure, or less? Will brands want more flexibility with a project by project basis, new agencies with new ideas, or will they be looking for the security of retainers? Only time will tell. What is certain is that event organisers will want someone who understands their challenges better, and who can come up with a creative solution. Our agency has core values that have held us in good stead allowing us to deliver this for clients: SustainabilityHonestlyCreativeFocusCollaborationService And we believe they will continue to do so after this period. We’re fortunate in that we’ve had some awesome long-standing clients over the last 10...

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At your service – meet Tristan our Project Director

We’re known as much for our can-do attitude as we are for creative brilliance and flawless delivery. And none of this would be possible without a team packed with flexible, experienced and talented people who have seen it, done it and got the T-shirt. So we wanted to introduce you to the people who our clients trust us to get on with the job and deliver giving them the “The Sleep at Night Factor”. Meet Tristan Sharman, our Project Director! Tell us a bit about yourself and the work you do at ACA Live? I have been in the events industry for the past 13 years with a variety of agencies and with ACA Live now for about 2 years. My role involves working directly with some of our key clients, but I also oversee all the project teams ensuring we are consistently delivering fantastic live experience's. How did you get into live event experiences? Whilst at university...

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Cosmic astrologer Hendricks

Hendrick’s opens twilight garden to launch Lunar Gin

Cosmic astrologer guided guests through cocktail-tasking experience. We created a twilight-inspired experience for Hendrick’s to celebrate the launch of its Lunar Gin, the second innovative release from the super-premium gin’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The two-week immersive pop-up experience was hosted in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. Guests were invited to walk through a celestial blue tunnel that transported them to the unusual twilight world of the Lunar Gin. Here they were greeted by a cosmic astrologer in the garden and invited to try two "magical" cocktails under the bewitching light of the moon, which was the focal point of the room and shines on to a mirrored lake.  The Lunar affect The garden contained floral displays, blue mood lighting, traditional garden furnishings and a two-seat swing. A draped canopy was decorated with lights to give the appearance of being under the stars… What’s not to ? A truly unique, enchanted multi-sensory experience. Flawlessly delivered by the ACA Live...

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Sustainability challenges for event managers

Working with event managers we don’t need to preach to the converted on the importance of sustainable events. It’s not our job to pontificate on the business impact of sustainability, or how it affects your reputation. It’s our job to help you improve the environmental impact of your event, and deliver a memorable experience that people will love, talk about and share. Staging a sustainable event means you promote the use of resources in an efficient and responsible way. By doing this, your actions reduce the negative impact of your event on the environment and create a positive social and economic impact.. Sounds great, but how do you put this into practice? It’s all in the planning and having an awareness of what you can control. Considering the impact of what you’re doing and putting it into an action plan will help you minimise the negative environmental impacts. Doing this gives you a...

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earth and us

Earth & Us

Since Earth day has not long passed and the earth itself seems to be the only beneficiary of this covid-19 scenario we are all a part of, it feels like an appropriate time to talk about our own sustainability story. Here at ACA Live we always consider and provide sustainable solutions to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint. Sustainability is a value we live within our company culture; we continue to research and develop how we can be more climate positive as a company and as an industry. We will always pay attention to the smaller impact stuff like producing bamboo recyclable lanyards and overseeing waste management at our events…But we know earth needs everyone to do more, so we have.  Three months ago, we committed to an ongoing Climate Positive Workforce programme which offsets all our company employees and travel. We now have an ever-growing ACA Live Forest with a current count of 360...

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