At your service – meet Tristan our Project Director

We’re known as much for our can-do attitude as we are for creative brilliance and flawless delivery.

And none of this would be possible without a team packed with flexible, experienced and talented people who have seen it, done it and got the T-shirt.

So we wanted to introduce you to the people who our clients trust us to get on with the job and deliver giving them the “The Sleep at Night Factor”.

Meet Tristan Sharman, our Project Director!

Tell us a bit about yourself and the work you do at ACA Live?

I have been in the events industry for the past 13 years with a variety of agencies and with ACA Live now for about 2 years.

My role involves working directly with some of our key clients, but I also oversee all the project teams ensuring we are consistently delivering fantastic live experience’s.

How did you get into live event experiences?

Whilst at university I was heavily involved with the student union entertainments team, which involved organising small gigs through to the summer balls. From there I continued along the event path and started my first agency role as an account exec supporting the in delivery of experiential events – my first one being a comedy night with Richard Blackwood.

What type of clients have you worked with over your career? There must be some highlights and tough moments!

I‘ve worked with such a wide range of clients over the years including Apple, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Koppaberg, Lego, Microsoft, Nokia, The North Face and of course the William Grant & Sons portfolio.

In terms of a career highlight to date it would be working on The North Face Mountain Festival, planning and building a festival site in the Swiss Alps. It was full-on but equally so rewarding – the views were spectacular too!! The not only involved bringing multiple artics of production kit from the UK (carnet alone was pretty tedious) but contending with mountain weather – literally about 5 mins before we were due to go live and open the gates a weather front came blowing through the valley and we had to shut down the whole festival site down for a few hours leaving hundreds of people queuing to get in.

Challenge in a nutshell – it’s the thrill of being part of that solution and making it look seamless in front of the client.

Change is always happening (particularly now), but what’s sound advice that won’t change?

Brands really need to focus on their audience. Consumers expect an experience that’s worth their time. They want to be surprised and having this kind of mindset will naturally translate into more customers and sales.

Obviously, more and more tech is available to use with the live event environment but sometimes it’s used for the sake of having tech, rather than balancing it with the live experience.

The easier it is for consumers to share their experiences with of the brand on social media, the more often they will.  What’s the value exchange? If the reward is strong enough the consumer will happily share their experience.

Lastly strive for excellence by differentiation. No event is perfect. Not everything will go exactly according to plan. But all great events strive to exceed expectations and provide unique experiences. How can your company get creative and make your next event unforgettable?

There’s a lot of other agencies out there – how does ACA Live separate itself?

It sounds clichéd but we have a close-knit team who all have each other’s back.

And we get shit done.