Absinthe Launch
for Hendrick’s Gin

An unexpected, curious night in a crypt to launch Hendrick’s Absinthe to some of the best bartenders in the UK.

Hendrick’s Gin always has something truly unique bubbling away in the background. This time, it was the launch of their best kept secret: Hendrick’s Absinthe. Throw in tales from the crypt, a Parisian banquet and a double decker London bus and you have a launch event to remember.


We were asked to conceptualise, plan and deliver the launch in a way that embraced Hendrick’s tendency toward oddness and peculiarity. Our only brief was to invite up to 30 bartenders to a banquet, with the overarching theme being ‘nothing is quite what it seems…’


We filled a double-decker bus with some of London’s top bartenders and sent them off for a simple dinner hosted by Hendrick’s. But, naturally, nothing was what it seemed. The bus ‘broke down’ outside a 200 year-old crypt, whereby the crypt’s priest offered shelter, tea and tales of the crypt’s mysterious past. A wall then came tumbling down to reveal a 19th century Parisian style banquet complete with living foliage table runners, antique curios, ceiling projections, edible candles and confetti balloons.


Cue an evening of immersive dining with one very special guest of honour: Hendrick’s own Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie. The 3-course banquet included sharing platters, meat carving and notes to the French heritage of Absinthe, as well as sensory experiences that reflected the key flavour profiles of Hendrick’s take on the French spirit.


The result of all this revelry? 36 influential bartenders successfully introduced to Hendrick’s Absinthe before the product’s official release, and a bond with the Hendrick’s brand considerably strengthened.

In order to manage all of the registrations, build-up and pre-event communications, we created a dedicated registration site which fed directly into the popular bespoke event app. The app included everything needed to inform and engage attendees. This enabled delegates to view the sessions and create their own agenda, as well as providing other functionalities for the event such as live polling and direct attendee messaging.


In addition to the core event we activated 13 different brand events across numerous venues throughout Amsterdam. The event exceeded all client expectations and scored 100% across all areas. We successfully developed and launched William Grant & Sons’ new corporate identity through various assets that showcased the new branding for the first time and effectively implemented all of their new sustainable policies across the event, as well as providing further initiatives to support them.