3 ways to improve your brands at home experiences

At home experiences can help you really stand out from the crowd

Direct to consumer is staging a comeback. While brand at home experiences aren’t new, ironically a national lock-down forced people to reassess what was possible with them and unlocked new ideas and approaches for brands. 

Last year we conducted some research for our whitepaper ‘The Future of Connected Brand Experience 2021‘ that showed that the number one factor people look for in brand’s experience is personality and entertainment. Traditionally at home experiences were quite passive, not connecting with the consumer in any real way.  

Brands know that nothing truly replaces the connectivity of face-to-face interaction, but should view the opportunity that at home presents. Previously brands may have tagged on the use of technology and digital platforms as a ‘nice to have’, but now technology can enhance the experiences for consumers fulfilling the personality and entertainment void. 

Experiential is omnichannel, and brands wanting to connect with their audience in a meaningful way should revisit the role of at home, but taking into consideration these points: 

1)      Brand is paramount 

Your brand expression needs to remain true throughout any experience. Experiential is a flexible discipline that allows brands to create amazing moments for their customers. From the moment your customers interact with you, whether through registering for something, through to when the experience concludes, all of your touch points need to be of the highest quality. 

2)      Create an immersive experience 

You want to avoid having your consumers passively watching something from their chairs at home. You should be using technology to let them actively shape their own digital experience. We recently worked with Hendrick’s on an at home experience that was featured in Campaign Magazine. We offered a virtual flight to their Gin Palace, complete with in-flight entertainment and beverages. Guests could access a virtual departure lounge via a QR code and take part in games allowing them to access content beyond what’s presented to them on the screen. 

3)      Give an opportunity to buy 

Brands now face the challenge of sampling effectively and using it as an opportunity to reinforce the unique positioning of their product, and the premium feel. There is an opportunity to extend the experience beyond the sample serve into a commercial opportunity.  

 Apps like Shazam have scratched the surface of what is possible through online technology, allowing consumers to reach brands directly and visa versa. It may be that this year we will see these taken to the next level, with at some experiences that have direct links to ecommerce or social commerce channels being able to buy the product there and then. 

You can still engage with consumers at home in a way that gets people involved and creates advocacy and sales for you brand. If brands are willing to explore the opportunities that are available, you can really stand out from the crowd. 

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