monkey shoulder

Graphic Design
Production Design

Getting our liquid to the lips of the masses took our whole portfolio of skills. In 2017 we managed to give out 106,000 samples (and outstrip our targets) using The Monkey Shoulder Drinks Trolley, The Monkey Shoulder Vending Machine and our unique branded bar. This is how we did it.

While our trolleys hit multiple venues every week of the year, we also appeared at major festivals throughout the summer and some of the UK’s biggest events raising Monkey Shoulder’s profile at Taste of London, Festive Taste, Taste on Tour Edinburgh, Kerb London Cocktail Festival and Manchester Cocktail Festival.

That gave us a grand total of 106,000 samples in 2017, a full year of innovative and engaging activity and a result that Monkey Shoulder can really get behind – voted the no. 1 trending whisky brand in the UK according to Drinks International Reports.

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