Monkey Shoulder
neave's pop-down bar

Graphic Design
Production Design

Over three days we converted an empty restaurant in East London into not a pop-up shop, but a fabulous pop-down bar. Staffed by expert bartenders, it served Monkey Shoulder drinks in bewildering styles from draught cocktails, slushy cocktails, mixed cocktails and pre-batched cocktails to Shoreditch’s discerning clientéle.

To complement Monkey Shoulder’s heritage, Scottish food was served by Dram & Smoke which included duck or haggis donuts served with marmalade, venison meatballs and deep-fired Mars bars.

We created a snug in which we encouraged guests to ‘Grin & Win’ – if they shared a selfie to our hashtag on twitter and Instagram, an instant photo got printed on a fancy machine in the corner and also gave them a chance to win amazing Monkey Shoulder goodies.

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