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Hendrick’s Gin is a brand familiar with peculiarity. So our summer long roadshow titled The Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings (or P.L.A.N.T. ) was really bang on brand for our client. And with results showing that visitors to the lab loved it too, it was a win for us, for Hendrick’s and for the punters.

The lab itself was a crucible of curious creativity. We had visitors being taught by scientists to create beautiful music with cucumbers. Using software symbiotically synced with the choicest of succulent veggies, festivalgoers were able to enjoy harmonies while sipping refreshing cocktails.

We discovered that garnishing Hendrick’s Gin is not the cucumbers only talent. It’s not bad at knocking out the odd tune. And our festivalgoers agreed. 5,000 of them enjoyed the P.L.A.N.T. lab and over 50,000 tried our Hendrick’s cocktails.

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