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The Winter Storm Press launch was the third expression of the ‘Join the Experimentalists’ series – a showcase for Glenfiddich at famous London landmarks that puts the brand bang in the spotlight with journos, influencers and consumers. This time we took over the Viewing Deck at The Shard.

The Winter Storm launch was the perfect opportunity to trial our ‘personality profiler’, an engaging app that creates cocktails tailored to your personality. We had our guests register and answer multiple-choice questions, then the perfect cocktail would be made by our mixologists at the event.

We had 70 press and social media influencers attend our ‘Join the Experimentalists’ event on the 69th floor at The Shard. But better yet, we had hundreds of people use our Experimenter’s App and discover their own personalised, ideal Glenfiddich cocktail over the four weeks the event was live.

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